Making Visible Music

Drawings that we made to read for our a cappella techno experiment during my Arts in Education section at HGSE (Thanks Colleagues!)
a screenshot of Scratch

DIY Game: Scratch Re-mix model

One of the coolest things I found out about this year at Harvard Graduate School of Education is something called Scratch. It is a block-coding web application, developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten at the MIT Media Lab, which allows a community of learners to re-mix each others games, stories, and other creations. I developed a …

Making Visible Music: Pilot 1

Lesson 2: Reversing the process using art to make music. Suggested Script to be explained whole hog and then released to play: Having read the story last time, Student will be handed pieces of transparency paper and sharpies to make patterns. Depending on time, either groups will make one of the following or all of …