Collaborative Drawing: Funny Faces

This drawing game is a simpler version of the exquisite corpse.  I love collaborative drawing games because they connect people.  This one I recommend starting with pencil, and then letting the person who started the drawing finish it.

  1. Draw an oval on your paper and write your name
  2. Fold the piece of paper in half, either hamburger or hotdog style
  3. Draw half of a face on your paper, carrying the edge of the nose, mouth, or eyes over the edge if you’re doing a left/right half, or write “top/bottom” on your paper if you’re doing it the other way
  4. When you finish, find someone else who is also done and trade.
  5. Open and see what it looks like!
  6. Finish it as you see fit, or start a new one!

What is learned: This is a pretty silly exercise, but because it connects learners through an activity, it fosters social interaction, and can make visible to teachers if some people aren’t getting along.  This allows teachers and learners to talk openly about ways of getting along.


  1. Form a group and put your faces together to make a story
  2. Write it out either with more paper, or on the backs of your faces
  3. Staple or sew it together into a book, or use the faces and writings to make a poster-collage.


  1. Instead of drawing, use collage to start with using glue and magazines or wallpaper samples instead of pencil

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