Making Visible Music: Pilot 1

Links to the video of Pilot by Colleagues at HGSE

  • Lesson 2: Reversing the process using art to make music.
    Suggested Script to be explained whole hog and then released to play:
  • Having read the story last time, Student will be handed pieces of transparency paper and sharpies to make patterns.
  • Depending on time, either groups will make one of the following or all of the following: a linear pattern, a pattern with some kind of shapes (geometric or organic, to be explained if they do not know the difference), and/or an animal that would seem to tell the story.
  • Once people have their transparencies done, they trade their papers to make tracks of sound.
  • Linear images should get percussive or repetitive noises, shapes should get sustained or harmonic sounds, and the animal gets either spoken-word or voice melody.
  • To help with this, they should also create a motion that goes with the image and sound.
  • People should practice first whichever paper they traded-in, and the sound they think it should make.
  • Then find mates to layer papers and add sounds as desired.
  • Finally, the teacher can document with photography if there is a music stand, put white paper on it, and pick out and layer “tracks” adding people as they go.
  • The whole song-story then will include all the layers of sound we created.
The photographs of the layers can be turned into a book or website, maybe with the sounds attached too.
 Since the images are on transparency paper, they can be put onto an overhead projector to create a large image and a festive quality. OR to be used to create a permanent mural of the music that is created via projection/tracing, painting onto a surface.

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